COVID-19 Surveillance Report

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Current Surveillance Report Summary:

Vermont's COVID-19 Hospitalization Level is Low.

The volume of people going to emergency departments due to COVID-like symptoms is lower than the same time of year in years 2021-2022.

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The CDC and Vermont Department of Health no longer use the COVID-19 Community Level to measure COVID-19 activity in the U.S. and Vermont. Instead, Vermont's statewide COVID-19 level are measured by the rate of COVID-19 in people being admitted to the hospital, per 100,000 residents.

Focusing on hospitalization data is a better estimate of how COVID-19 is impacting the community now that reported COVID-19 cases represent a smaller proportion of actual infections. This also allows us to compare Vermont’s hospitalization levels with other parts of the country.

Past Data Summaries
date published spotlight topic
05/13/2022 No spotlight topic
04/28/2022 No spotlight topic
04/14/2022 No spotlight topic
03/31/2022 No spotlight topic
03/17/2022 No spotlight topic
03/03/2022 No spotlight topic
02/17/2022 No spotlight topic
02/03/2022 No spotlight topic
01/21/2022 No spotlight topic
01/07/2022 No spotlight topic
12/17/2021 No spotlight topic
12/03/2021 No spotlight topic
11/19/2021 No spotlight topic
11/05/2021 No spotlight topic
10/22/2021 No spotlight topic
10/08/2021 No spotlight topic
09/24/2021 No spotlight topic
09/10/2021 No spotlight topic
08/27/2021 Cases Among People with
Neurological Conditions and Intellectual Disabilities
08/13/2021 No spotlight topic
07/30/2021 No spotlight topic
07/16/2021 No spotlight topic
07/02/2021 No spotlight topic
06/18/2021 No spotlight topic
06/04/2021 No spotlight topic
05/28/2021 No spotlight topic
05/21/2021 Cases among Black, Indigenous
and People of Color
05/14/2021 No spotlight topic
05/07/2021 COVID-19 Cases Among Fully
Vaccinated Vermonters
04/30/2021 No spotlight topic
04/23/2021 Facilities Experiencing More Than
One Outbreak
04/16/2021 No spotlight topic
04/09/2021 Age Rate Changes
04/02/2021 No spotlight topic
03/26/2021 Close Contacts in Vermont
03/19/2021 No spotlight topic
03/12/2021 Workplace Outbreaks
03/05/2021 One Year of COVID-19 in Vermont
02/26/2021 Cases among Black, Indigenous and People of Color
02/19/2021 How are people getting COVID-19?
02/12/2021 COVID-19 Deaths
2/5/2021 Timeline of Symptom Onset to Public Health Response
1/29/2021 COVID-19 in Vermont Childcare Settings
01/22/2021 COVID-19 in Vermont K-12 Schools
01/15/2021 How are people getting COVID-19?
01/8/2021 Town Level Data
12/18/2020 Percent Positivity by County
12/11/2020 Populations at High Risk for Severe COVID-19
12/4/2020 Recent Outbreaks
11/20/2020 No spotlight topic
11/13/2020 Travel Reported Among Cases
11/6/2020 Cases Among People with Neurological Conditions and Intellectual Disabilities
10/30/2020 Number of Contacts per Case
10/23/2020 Lab Reporting
10/16/2020 Tests Per Positive Case
10/9/2020 Percent Positivity
10/2/2020 Syndromic Surveillance
09/25/2020 Symptoms
09/18/2020 Cases among Black, Indigenous and People of Color
09/11/2020 No spotlight topic
09/04/2020 COVID-19 Contact Tracing
08/28/2020 Source of Exposure, Part 2
08/21/2020 County Profiles Testing Data
08/14/2020 Demographics of People Tested
08/07/2020 Long-Term Care Facilities
07/31/2020 No spotlight topic
07/24/2020 Source of Exposure, Part 1
07/17/2020 County Profiles
07/10/2020 Contact Tracing
07/02/2020 No spotlight topic
06/26/2020 Changes in COVID-19 Cases Over Time
06/19/2020 Health Care Workers
06/12/2020 COVID-19 Among Children
06/05/2020 No spotlight topic
05/29/2020 Symptoms
05/22/2020 Health Care Workers
05/15/2020 Pre-existing Conditions
05/11/2020 Pre-existing Conditions


Vermont COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination Data

Vermont COVID-19 and flu vaccination data reported to the Vermont Immunization Registry is now available in an interactive dashboard. This vaccination information is more detailed than CDC’s state-level data and allows us to look at differences in vaccination rates by county, race, ethnicity, age and gender. It also includes how many Vermonters received a COVID-19 and Flu vaccine on the same day. 

Go to the COVID-19 and flu vaccination data page

Data Briefs
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COVID-19 Vaccination Rates by Race and Ethnicity in VT (Feb. 2023)
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COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Analysis (Feb. 2022)
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COVID-19 in Long Term Care Facilities (Jul. 2021)
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Spread of COVID-19 Related to Participation in High School Sports (Jun. 2021)
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