Vermont's School Entry Immunization Rule sets minimum immunization requirements for attendance at regulated child care programs, public and independent K-12 schools and colleges to protect students, staff and visitors against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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If you have questions about immunizations for children in child care, preschool, school, and college, contact the Immunization Program at or 802-863-7638.


Child Care, School, & College Immunization Requirements

Which vaccines are required for children and students enrolled in child care, preschool, and school?
Where can I find resources to share with parents of children in child care, K-12, and college about vaccines requirements?
This form is used when varicella vaccine is not needed due to a history of chickenpox disease.

For a child with a history of chickenpox disease, two doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine are not required. The child does not need to claim exemption, either. A parent should submit a signed Documentation of Varicella (Chickenpox) Disease Form to the child care program, school, or college. The signature of a health care practitioner is not needed. A parent can submit other documentation, such as a signed statement or notation in an Immunization Registry or other health record, instead of this form.

In Vermont, exemptions from vaccination requirements are allowed for religious or medical reasons.

Religious Immunization Exemption, Child Care and Schools:

Medical Immunization Exemption, Child Care and Schools:

College Religious and Medical Exemption:

Immunization Exemption Form (College)   

Checking Individual Children’s Immunization Records for Compliance

Where can I get help determining whether a child’s vaccination record meets state requirements?

The Vermont Immunization Registry (IMR) is a secure health information system that contains immunization records for persons living in Vermont. School nurses, providers, and administrators may have access to the IMR. To learn more about the registry, apply for an account, or for help using the registry, check out the Immunization Registry web page.  New, see Immunization Reporting Made Easier for Child Care Providers

A quick guide for using the registry is available for both school nurses and for licensed or registered child care providers.

You may also refer to this tool, Assessing Immunization Records, which was developed for school nurses or administrators to assess a child’s vaccination record for compliance.

The California Immunization Branch has developed a chart that is helpful in identifying Vaccine Acronyms & Abbreviations.

How do I proceed when a child’s immunization record is missing or doesn’t meet requirements?

These flowcharts can be used to determine what steps should be taken when a child’s immunization record is missing or doesn’t meet state requirements. If a child’s immunization record is not compliant, the child can be admitted if they have scheduled an appointment to catch up. The catch-up period must be consistent with CDC and must not exceed six months. This scenario is called “provisional admittance.”

These forms/letters offer more information about provisional admittance and exemptions.

These forms may be used to notify parents that immunizations are missing, or that exclusion from child care or school may occur.

Read the legislative rule that establishes child care and school immunizations schedule and requirements.

Checklists & Worksheets for Programs & Schools

Checklists and worksheets are available for programs and schools without an electronic immunization database.

These forms are for optional use for programs and schools without an electronic immunization database.


Immunizations must be reported annually to the Health Department.